Course curriculum

  • 1

    Exercise Files

    • Exercise Files: Starting from scratch

    • Finished Reference Exercise Files

  • 2

    Lesson 1: Stylize and Animate a Newspaper Page

    • Part 1 | Getting started: File management, preferences and keyboard shortcuts

    • Part 2 | Preparing files for import into After Effects and Photoshop layer management

    • Part 3 | Build a newspaper composite, and generate a large background from a small image

    • Part 4 | Stylizing with Effects, masking layers and camera animation

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Create a Pullquote Animation

    • Part 1 | Making selections with channels, setting Brush preferences & working with the Clone Stamp tool

    • Part 2 | Creating a clean background and optimizing images through resizing

    • Part 3 | Importing layered photoshop documents as compositions and using Pre-compose

    • Part 4 | Understanding Clone Stamp options

    • Part 5 | Adding and animating Effects, efficient keyframing and smoothing animation using Easy Ease

  • 4

    Lesson 3: Create a Deep Paper Animation

    • Part 1 | Intro to selection tools and layer masks

    • Part 2 | Refine selections with Select and Mask, and recreate missing areas of an image

    • Part 3 | Reinforcing selection and retouching techniques to separate and prepare the last person before animation

    • Part 4 | Animating the scene with a one node camera, layer masks, parenting, and precomposing in After Effects

  • 5

    Lesson 4: Animate and Stylize a Single Image on Multiple Planes

  • 6

    Lesson 5: Build an Animated and Stylized Scene

    • Part 1 | Applied selections, using the Pen tool, Select and Mask, shrinking masks, and optimizing Psds for animation in After Effects

    • Part 2 | Content Aware Fill refinement and making final changes between Photoshop and After Effects files and projects

    • Part 3 | Adjust animation Motion Paths, stylize with Glow and Tritone effects, and fine tune appearances with lights & light options

Create a newspaper-style motion graphic by stylizing photos and animating camera moves across newspaper pages.

Create a ‘Pullquote’, a motion graphic where some text is isolated and pulled out of the background as the background blurs.

Create depth and interest in a newspaper animation.

Create depth and interest within a single image using multi-plane techniques, puppet pins, lens flares, and a generated background.

Build a complete animated stylized multi-plane scene. From compositing through final animation, learn new techniques as we build on the knowledge we've learned throughout the course.


Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is a motion graphics designer, educator, co-founder of Creative One Eleven, and a 2x Adobe MAX Master trainer. Ian has worked in broadcast for over 20 years with clients such as The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and PBS. He has also written books for Peachpit and Adobe Press. When he's not creating training for Creative 111, you can find Ian speaking at several industry conferences such as Adobe MAX, NAB Show, and After Effects World.

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